A Message From DR. A

A Message From DR. A

I would like to say that Mireya and I are humbled and truly honored to be able to return to serve ASCM. Thanks to Church of God World Missions, we have this opportunity to uphold the ministry of the Seminary. Since our last visit to Manila, in 2015, the Holy Spirit began to stir our hearts and prepare us for this assignment. The truth is we never left ASCM. Our hearts have always been here and the Seminary has been with us everywhere we went. As a matter of fact, in many occasions we have been identified as ASCM personnel and some who saw us thought we were Filipinos.

Having been a member of the family for many years now, Mireya and I feel that this time we are returning home. There are many memories of this place that we treasure very dearly. Moreover, we appreciate the attitude of cooperation and team effort that characterizes the Filipino people even in difficult times. And perhaps that is the attitude that we need to show at this time in the history of ASCM. We should be able to work this out together.

A friend of mine wrote a message to me, saying that the best years for ASCM are still ahead. I believe that, too. The Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries was found to prepare leaders for the spiritual revival of Asia and beyond and now we could see our students and graduates succeeding in different fields of ministry in the region. I am sure the Holy Spirit can use our talents to make a difference in our cities. We can be agents of transformation and we can influence other to transform their communities as well.

During the course of time things have evolved, but at Seminary, the mission remains intact. ASCM has a call to train agents of change. We will continue to lead in the vision for the transformation of our societies and in the development of the kingdom of God in our nations. The Holy Spirit will enable us to reach our goals and He will provide the funds and the resources that are needed in the fray. But to be able to accomplish our goals we will need our friends, too, with their prayers and support.

Thank you, for supporting ASCM!

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