In line with the mission to train and equip you for service in the church and in the world, ASCM upholds right of its students to an environment that contributes to spiritual formation, character development, scholarship and creative ministry work. Students have the right to expect operations of the school and classroom practices of their instructors conducted in accordance with established policies and procedures. These include establishing clear course objectives and requirements through the use of the syllabus, clearly stating grading scale and criteria, evaluating students fairly, holding regularly scheduled office hours and protecting students’ intellectual freedom. Students have the right to file complaints when they perceive that violations of the policy detrimental to their rights have been performed. Complaints may concern inappropriate instructor conduct, incompetence in oral communication, scheduling of exams other than at the authorized examination times, grading grievances, and other such issues.

All students are expected to abide by the academic policies and procedures, keep academic honesty, participate in class, avoid using disrespectful language, regularly meet and consult academic advisors regarding academic programs and graduation requirements, being aware of degree completion requirements and completing degree requirements. Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the information in the academic policies and procedures document. Failure to read it will not excuse anyone from the responsibility to abide by the rules and procedures contained within it.