1. A completed Application form with a recent 2×2 photo
  2. A non-refundable Application Fee of Php500.
  3. High school diploma (Form 137 for Philippine high school graduates) or similar certification of the completion of secondary education for certificate and bachelor level applicants. Official Transcript of Records (TOR) with school seal certifying completion of tertiary education.
  4. An essay describing the applicant’s personal background, Christian experience, ministerial call, and reason for applying to ASCM.
  5. One completed Endorsement Form and three (3) Recommendation Forms (forms are downloadable from ASCM website

Additional Requirements for International Applicant

  1. Copy of a valid passport with updates stay in the country.

Additional Requirements for Transfer Students

  1. Certificate of Transfer/Honorable Dismissal issued by the previously attended schools.

Language Requirement. English Proficiency Examination (EPE)

EPE is administered as to test the language skills necessary for all levels of education at ASCM. Students who have the following scores are eligible for admission at ASCM:

  1. Certificate and Bachelor Programs applicant ? 475 score level of EPE
  2. Masters Programs applicant ? 500 score level of EPE
  3. TESOL applicant ? 550 score level of EPE